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Hey there! My name is Jasmine and I'm the founder of Saucha Bodycare. I’m a 20-something Jersey-born yogi and avid lover of avocados, mountains, and large bodies of water. You can also find me eating or drinking coconut in any form that it comes in.

I started making my own bodycare products because I couldn’t find any products that I trusted on my eczema-prone skin. I was also diagnosed with PCOS, a very common hormonal imbalance disorder in women. PCOS left me with a lot of acne and that’s where my skincare obsession began. I kept hoarding beauty products hoping for some magic solution, but only found solace when I shifted my focus to my holistic internal health. That’s when I realized that my eczema and PCOS were interconnected and were the result of years build up of endocrine disrupting toxins and chemicals that I had ingested through food and other products used on my body.

Then came Saucha, one girl’s effort to pay it forward and provide someone with the same relief and enjoyment that I got out of the Everything Butter. I created the Everything Butter first as a lotion, and quickly learned it could be used on my hair, cuticles, feet and hands, and as makeup remover. Slowly but surely, my beauty cabinet got more and more spacious. And as I coupled this clean bodycare regime with the right lifestyle changes, my eczema and PCOS began to fade.

Our ethos is simple. Natural and organic products present us with an opportunity to nourish our bodies with the purest ingredients - an opportunity to practice Saucha.

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